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pyjokes library

Hello Techies,

Now-a-days most of us love to read jokes for programmers. In this tutorial I will explain you how one can create a joke for a programmer using python.

Video Tutorial is available on my YouTube Channel Tech Blooded Tutorial

Create Jokes using python

Python supports creation of random jokes using one of its libraries. That library is pyjokes.

Pyjokes is a python library that is used to create one-line jokes for programmers. Informally, it can also be referred to as a fun python library which is pretty simple to use. Let us see how we can actually use it to perform the…

Interactive Mode Programming

  1. Open the python prompt
  2. Type print(“Amol Ambkar”)
  3. It will print Amol Ambkar on next line.
Print In Python

Script mode programming

  1. Create a new file.
  2. Type print(“Amol Ambkar”).
  3. Save the file with .py extension.
  4. Open the terminal.
  5. Type “python” and enter.
  6. You will get output on the next line.

Video Tutorial On YouTube ( Hindi )

First Python Program By Amol Ambkar

Thank You..

Check python

➔ Open Terminal / command prompt.
➔ Type “python” to check python is already installed and which version is installed.

Most up-to-date and current source code ,documentation , etc.. are
available on official website of python

Install python in Linux

➔ Open Terminal.
➔ Type sudo apt-get update and enter.
➔ Type sudo apt-get install python3.9 and enter.
➔ Now Type python to check python is installed or not.

Install python in Windows

Go to official website of python ( link given above)
➔ Download the executable file of python for windows.
➔ Double click on downloaded .exe fie.
➔ Then do the next steps as a normal installation.
➔ Then open…

Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language.

Python is designed to be easy to read and simple to implement and it is open source.

Python Logo

It was created by Guido van Rossum during 1985- 1990 and released in 1991.

Amol Ambkar

Computer Enginnering Student

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